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Here’s what we cover in our 4 Session Solution Sprints. 

Money-story: We always start with the world-view foundation and issues of vision. In building assets for residual income, it's important to be in unity with the same vision between partners or spouses. We start with a personality survey to begin unlocking mental blocks and opening the door for new possibilities. Kurt is an expert in walking clients through this segment in a fun, interactive session to start off your journey with powerful insight and action steps.

Finances: We work through current personal and business finances to identify areas to grow. You will identify your "freedom number," the number your household needs to create the options (job transition, travel, etc).  We design a custom tracking system that easily correlates both your personal and business finances from your smart phone. Numbers are a communication and have to be in a format that is clear to you and your partner or spouse. 

Technology: Now is the time to build systems so that your business(s) are managed by your tech systems, with you overseeing from your location-optional lifestyle. We teach you how to build personal responsibility in your clients, customers, or tenants by teaching them to pay online and early. Build your online credibility so that you have sales brought to you and so that your technology helps you to “harvest” the rewards of your hard work. 

Tax Strategy: Here we will introduce you to the beloved website and how you can navigate this behemoth to your advantage. This will also help correlate your tracking system to make tax-time stress free. We provide questions to ask in finding the right CPA for your particular location and situation. In learning to speak the language of "tax," you will gain confidence that you are asking and receiving the correct answers you need from your tax professional.   

Insurance Review: As a licensed insurance agent, Elizabeth will provide an insurance review and discuss insurance strategy depending on your particular location. All insurance laws vary by location, but having an understanding of coverage and claim processes is key for any business owner. Also, from her years as a claims adjuster, she shares how coverage actually plays out in a claim situation. This topic can be daunting, but she keeps it fun and engaging. 

We take a limited number of coaching clients at a time because we do live a purposed-filled life investing in not only our own business, but also investing in our six children and community. If you would like to apply, please fill out the following form and we will be in touch to see if your situation is a good fit for our coaching offerings. We specialize in creating win-win relationships! 

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