Speaker: September 18th, 2019 Graham Allison

Did you know that if you purchase a property inside the newly formed Opportunity Zones, you could receive a 10-year federal tax break? As with any government tax break, you'll want to know the exact parameters! Profit With Real Estate is excited to welcome Graham Allison of Opportunity Zone Development Group, Columbus Ohio. As a seasoned professional, Graham brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the new, exciting field of Opportunity Zone planning.

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY September 18th at 6:00 pm to grab your own pizza and enjoy the meeting starting at 6:30 pm at Pizza Cottage 2223 W Fair Ave Lancaster Ohio 43130. This FREE educational session will be packed full of the exciting possibilities for the TWO OPPORTUNITY ZONES inside of Lancaster and many more zones throughout Ohio.



Did you miss the August meeting? Here’s the audio!

*Please note that all opinions expressed belong to the speakers. We all know that specific financial decisions must be made with an awesome team of professionals, so do your homework, build your team, and make informed choices.

Speaker: August 21st, 2019

Tyler Bossetti

Contact Tyler at 937.631.9243 email tbosetti@gmail.com

We are happy to welcome Tyler Bossetti from NFM Lending Ohio to the Profit With Real Estate meeting in Lancaster. Tyler is part of the NFM Mortgage Team here in Central Ohio and is approaching 5 years + 1500 families assisted. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the mortgage and lending process as well as the quickly progressing field of credit. Tyler will be teaching an interactive and jam-packed session for FREE on Wednesday August 21st at 6 pm.

Tyler will be teaching strategies to prepare for market fluctuation, using credit wisely. He will be sharing detailed knowledge of the process and programs to purchase properties in any market conditions -programs which can change quickly as markets shift. He also has a passion for equipping realtors to build their business quickly in serving the diverse needs of clients. He’ll be available for Q&A at the end of the session for specific questions and dialogue. You don't want to miss this!

Grab your own pizza at 6:00 pm at Pizza Cottage 2223 West Fair Ave, Lancaster Ohio 43130 and don't forget your notebook.


July 17th, 2019

Jeffrey Holst: Real Estate Investor, Podcast Old Fashioned Real Estate


Come hear an incredible story…

We are excited to Welcome Jeffrey Holst from Chattanooga TN, real estate investor and podcast host. Jeff has a hilarious and deeply engaging personality with a passion to share the benefits of real estate. Through overwhelming challenges and a life-threatening health crisis, Jeff shares how he crafted a life that he wanted through a complete change in his mindset and building his real estate business.

Come out for this FREE informative and interactive session at Pizza Cottage 2223 W. FAIR AVENUE, LANCASTER, OHIO 43130 July 17th 2019 at 6 pm. Order your own pizza and the session officially starts at 6:30 pm.

Jeff is a recovering attorney who spends his time as a real estate investor. Jeff graduated early and with honors from Michigan State College of Law where he was the graduating class speaker. He also holds a M.B.A.

At 30 years old, Jeff checked the last item off his personal bucket list by climbing Machu Picchu. He was on top of the world. As he stood looking down at the lost Incan city, he had been living the life of his dreams. He was well traveled, having previously visited the Pyramids in Egypt, climbed to the top of Mt Sinai, swam with sharks in Belize, and backpacked alone around Europe. He was married to the girl of his dreams. He had a beautiful house in the suburbs and a thriving law practice. Two weeks later, he was in the hospital dying. His business was in disarray, his wife was barely holding it together and he was on his way to bankruptcy.

Today, at 41 years old, just over a decade later, Jeff is back on top. He is a millionaire, with over 140 residential units in his personal portfolio. He also owns multiple commercial properties. He is still married and continues to travel extensively. He is also co-host of the Old Fashioned Real Estate Show where the hosts drink bourbon old fashioneds and talk about real estate. You can read more about Jeff and his podcast here www.oldfashionedrealestate.com


May 2019 Speaker

Real Estate Entrepreneur & Realtor


Have you ever wanted to get involved with real estate but wondered if you needed to become a realtor? That's a great question and this month's speaker is Bryan Gibson, a realtor, real estate investor, AND the cool guy who first said, "hey let's get together and talk real estate!" You absolutely don't want to miss this!! May 15th 6:00 pm at Pizza Cottage 2223 West Fair Ave Lancaster Ohio 43130. Grab your own pizza and bring your notebook and questions in hand. This is going to be a fun, interactive, and info loaded time.

Bryan is a real estate investor having built his portfolio in Central Ohio over the last 7 years, as well as building a successful career in the IT realm. He is also a realtor for Keller Williams Greater Columbus. You can check out his website www.youragentbryan.com Bryan brings wealth of knowledge in investing, IT, AND real estate in general. His passion is to build passive income in order to live life on his own terms with his beloved family.

Josh DiYanni


Did you miss it? That’s o.k.!

If you missed our April meeting with Josh DiYanni, don’t worry. We have the audio version prepping now!

Josh serves small and mid-sized businesses in such areas of corporate law as formation, contracts, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions and succession planning. He also specializes in corporate real estate transactions, serving builders, developers, investors, property owners and more.

Josh’s legal focus in development, construction and real estate is rooted in his experience working for many years in his family’s residential construction company, DiYanni Homes. The experience of working in his family’s business has enhanced his understanding of the unique dynamics of small and mid-sized privately-held companies, including family businesses, to help them grow from formation through succession.

Josh is valued by his clients for his responsiveness, big-picture thinking and creative approach to crafting deals that are most advantageous to his clients. In his civic involvement, Josh focuses on supporting local businesses and enhancing access to legal services. He is a founding member and currently sits on the board of the East Columbus Business Association, and provides free legal assistance to members of his community through the Vineyard Community Church Legal Clinic.

Outside of his legal work, Josh can typically be found outdoors, playing sports, running 5Ks, snowboarding or hiking.

You can contact Josh directly via email JDD@KJK.COM