Technology & Automation to Maintain Sanity


& Automation to Maintain Sanity

Let’s be real - technology today is a double-edged sword. The capabilities of the technology in the real estate world are truly astounding and yet the complexity of many tech tools is suffocating and can completely derail profitability and speed of commerce. Our stance is that technology should SERVE you, the property manager, and let’s be honest, we love it when it’s FREE. Almost all of our technology that we recommend is available and sufficient in the free version for the beginning property manager. As you grow and scale, THEN you can successfully evaluation larger programs and larger investments of time and capital in more complex property management software. For starters, the tech we recommend can handle a huge workload and is easily accessible with low-learning curve time-frames needed for the average user. The name of each tech tool is in BOLD and links to their website. Again, we are not affiliated with any of these companies - just happy customers from years of success and profits.


Build & Keep Your Winning Team on the Same Page: Trello Training

Trello is an online tool for project management that is not real estate specific, but that fits perfectly into the business of a beginning or experienced property manager. It’s free, shareable, and has excellent mobile capabilities. Check out the quick tutorial and start harnessing the power of this amazing technology to build simplicity and speed into your property management systems.


Keeping Rent Paid On-time or Early: Cozy to the Rescue

Cozy is a robust workhorse. We often laugh and say, “God bless Cozy!” They always are improving and providing FREE online rent pay was a game changer for our residents and for us. They provide background, rental, and credit checks and that is one of the paid service that residents pay directly to them, so they do get their profit, too. Check out how Cozy helps with rent being paid online, on-time and early every month in the video below.

Cozy Full Intro Video


Digital Signatures to Save Time, Money, & Headaches: DocHub's Amazing Possibilities

We have tried a hundred different e-signature programs and DocHub wins hands down. The free version gives you lots of opportunity to practice and use, and then the cost is so minimal for the year it’s almost free. We use DocHub for lease renewals, request to remedy forms, and contracts. The one WARNING is that DocHub is only a good tool for where there is an established relationship. Much of what we do in managing properties is built on trust and solid connections that must be done at some point in person. In other words, this is NOT for lease signing. See the Section on Lease Signing. Otherwise, DocHub is a time and revenue saver like no other for e-signatures.


Book-keeping for Speed & Seamless Operations: is a low cost, cloud storage filing cabinet that works incredibly for the business real estate professional. Neat can be used with giving property owners free access to their “file” for each property and year. See the overview below for a general understanding of Neat’s capabilities.


Social Media Power: Instagram Training Correctly & Easily on both mobile & desktop

Social Media in our culture is a powerful force and can be a source for FREE online marketing. In this Instagram Training you will learn a work-around to uploading photos from your desktop in this primarily mobile-only social media platform. As you build a brand and a following through photos and posts, you will be able to build trust and speed into marketing and renting out properties.