Welcome to the Running Creek Company where we know the serious challenges business owners face, and we provide focused, systematic solutions through elite consulting, private coaching, and educational resources.

Today, we face a new era of entrepreneurship. Business owners now form a unique community, a little wild, definitely diverse and engaging, all with the drive for financial freedom and the "grit" to try new endeavors. With a fast-paced, digital economy, the business processes are changing quickly as the markets around the world shift.

We are a consulting and education company focused on building residual income through crafting a business that succeeds in every sense of the word.  

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As a husband-wife team of real estate investors, we bring a comprehensive knowledge and experience base to the benefit of our clients. We provide custom coaching that creates a money map to set up both personal and business financial systems. We assist our clients in choosing the best technology that builds a business with residual income and makes managing finances a smooth and streamline process. In our work, we have a strong emphasis on curating a life that reflects your values, on your terms.

Visionaries who decide to build assets in business for their future and their families are high-caliber, action-takers. However, these very characteristics can often create a feeling of isolation in the midst of blazing a trail completely separate from a traditional, 9-5 financial path. Questions arise with often conflicting ideas and opinions in each industry. The tech tools available are incredible and plentiful, but often overwhelming. You-Tube is an invaluable resource, of course, but not all business challenges warrant a one-size-fits all answer. There are also environmental concerns in building a business trying to save the precious resources of our world. We all know that our natural environment should be protected, and yet it's challenging to make that actually work. 

Kurt has the practical experience of being a hands-on landlord for over 16 years. He understands the need to balance time-frames, capital, and cash-flow. As a former UPS employee for 12 years, he built his business while working the insane hours of a full-time driver.  He worked his way out of that high-paying, yet high-pressure position with real estate. Today, he manages high-end rental units throughout the Lancaster, Ohio area, specializing in Victorian homes. He is an expert deal-finder and enjoys calculating the numbers in often complex real estate scenarios. Kurt also has provided financial coaching to business owners all over the country, finally deciding to teach specifically in the industry that allowed him to be job-optional. He also has taught numerous workshops on financial literacy and entrepreneurship locally here in Columbus, Ohio. As a result, he brings a wealth of experience and wisdom in leaving the 9-5 rat race and building a  business on sound financial principles. 

His wife, Elizabeth, began her love of real estate as a marathon runner through the historic district of town and laughs that she buys historic rental properties like some women buy purses. She previously worked in the property insurance realm as a licensed Property & Casualty insurance agent and claims adjuster.  In addition to insurance, she later worked with business start-up, taught at Southeastern Business College, and specialized in tax preparation. As a relentless minimalist, she is she has done crazy things to save money and the environment by cloth diapering and canceling trash service. Her specialty in financial coaching is coordinating household and business finances to grow real estate residual income, and wise tax and insurance strategy.

Whether it's freedom to travel, time with family, or leaving legacy for the future, all of our clients craft their own definition of success. Business ownership is the vehicle that can provide the options this new generation of entrepreneurs demands. 

Guiding our clients to the destination of their design is our specialty!